Bring out your dregs

April 20 – 24, 2009
Double Trash Week

The City of Ypsilanti provides two "double trash limit" removal periods each calendar year. This year our "double trash limit" removal will take place the weeks of April 20, 2009 and August 17, 2009 for all City curbside eligible properties. Each residential unit is permitted during this week to set out two times the normal trash volume on their regular trash day. This means that a single family home may set out six, 32 gallon containers and two large items. Two unit apartments may set out twelve, 32 gallon containers and four large items.  Three units or larger may set out eighteen, 32 gallon containers and six large items.

For additional information please contact the Public Services office at (734) 483-1421.


Reduce Recycle Reuse


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Normal Park Neighborhood Yard Sale

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


In the time honored tradition, the first Saturday in June marks the annual Normal Park Neighborhood Yard Sale.  While we may live in a throw away society, it is still good to know this is a vibrant component of recycle and reuse that manifests itself as yard/garage sales.  We also celebrate this event as an excuse to stroll throughout Normal Park and visit with neighbors.  It’s also one of the ways that many people first discover this part of town, learning firsthand how friendly and approachable this Ypsilanti community can be.


Another valuable element of the annual yard sale is the registration fee paid by the participating households to be included in the listing map.  Much of the fees collected go into the NPNA fund to help pay for neighborhood projects.


And let’s not forget the efforts of Rebecca Dunkle and Megan Brown in coordinating the 2008 event.


You know, it would be great opportunity for a council member seeking re-election to be out and about.