Domain Squatting at its Finest


Here’s a little look behind the scenes…




    <TITLE>YpsiTucky LLC</TITLE>

<META name="description" content="Ypsilanti Michigan YpsiTucky Music and Video Studio" />

<META name="keywords" content="Jamboree, bluegrass, music, ypsitucky, Ypsilanti, Ypsi, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, EMU, U-M, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti Township, City of Ypsilanti, A2, Michigan Newspaper, Ann Arbor News, Ypsilanti News, Ypsilanti Newspaper" />




<BODY bgcolor="Black" text="White" link="White" vlink="White" alink="White">




<font face="Arial,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size="6" color="White">

          <h1>YpsiTucky, LLC <br>Adult Movie Studio Complex</h1>



<font face="Arial,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" size="2" color="White">


<h2>Ypsilanti, Michigan</h2>


<h2>Home of the Brick Dick</h2>


<img src=""&gt;








Whois info for,
96 Mowat Ave
Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
Domain name: YPSITUCKY.COM
Administrative Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
Technical Contact:,
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1
Registration Service Provider:
Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 01-Apr-2009.
Record expires on 22-Jun-2009.
Record created on 22-Jun-2008.
Registrar Domain Name Help Center:
Domain servers in listed order:
(Thanks to Candace for this special insight.  Now who is making all this ruckus about the "Ypsitucky" name not being appropriate?)

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