A man’s got to believe in something and I believe I’ll have another drink

YPSILANTI – City Council member requests a cocktail during meeting while calling for funding cuts to municpal bus service.
Does anyone remember the sheer audacity behind this campaign statement?  Remember how voting no to revenue increases was the way to safeguard bus service?  Well, while Robb requests that they make him a cocktail, he apparently is out to prove that maybe voting no to revenue increases was not the way to safeguard bus funding.
Well, at least he is consistent.  He campaigned against raising revenues (which apparently will force reductions in bus funding).  He argued at the council table that we not budget for the cost of the bus service agreement.  Now he again returns to his mantra of cut funding for bus service.  I am going to guess that Brian Robb never got around to signing the Keep Ypsi Rollin’ petition a few years back.  So what should we discern from Robb’s proposal?  That bus service is not critical to residents?  Or that we should count on the largesse of AATA?  Maybe it’s the idea that if Ypsilanti cuts its own funding to public transportation, it will spur the county voters to approve a transit millage for commuter rail AND enhanced bus service?
Wait, aren’t we all solidly behind the Ann Arbor-to-Detroit commuter rail service and want desperately for there to be a stop in Ypsilanti?  Don’t think bus service and commuter rail aren’t mutually complementary?  Well, they are and deconstructing one doesn’t improve the chances for the other.
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