Making Transit Happen – Ypsilanti Rail Stop


City and SEMCOG will host an Open House
March 18, 2009  4:00 PM – 7:00 PM 
Ypsilanti City Hall – 1 S Huron St

The Ann Arbor to Detroit commuter rail project is scheduled to begin its pilot service in late 2010. The City has been working with SEMCOG to provide for the Ypsilanti stop, and will be holding a drop-in open house session to discuss the needs and considerations for this stop. The stop is planned to be located in Depot Town, and SEMCOG currently expects to provide 4 trains daily in each direction at the beginning of the pilot service.

The City and SEMCOG are considering the needs for the initial startup of the service, as well as the ongoing development and maturation throughout the 3-year pilot program and beyond. Issues under discussion include access to and from the station, by bus, bike, car, and foot; circulation between the station, EMU’s campus, and downtown; anticipated parking needs; and ensuring that the train service supports and contributes to ongoing investment in the Depot Town business district and surrounding neighborhoods.

The open house will be held Wednesday, March 18, from 4-7pm, at the Haab Medical Building (111 N. Huron Street). The open house will be followed immediately at 7pm by the Planning Commission meeting, at the same location, which will include a formal presentation from SEMCOG staff. Questions and comments can be made during the open house, at the Planning Commission meeting, or to the City’s Planning and Development Department. All comments will be provided to City Council and SEMCOG as the project moves forward.

For more information on the Ann Arbor to Detroit rail project in general, please see SEMCOG’s website, .

Please contact Richard Murphy, City Planner, with any questions at<> or by phone at 734-483-9646.

Further Reading…

Mark Maynard has discussion on the rail stop platform locations as well as potential funding from the stimulus package approved by the White House.


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