Supporters (Part 2)


Council Member John Gawlas is endorsed by the Ann Arbor News


Here is what they said in their editorial entitled Ypsilanti City Council Needs Problem-Solvers


“We believe Gawlas has shown responsible leadership since he was first elected in 1996, and that he deserves to continue his work on the council…we’re endorsing Gawlas in this race.”


Endorsed by local entrepreneurs, progressive, environmental and community activists, including:

Matt & Rene Greff § Linda French § Lisa Wozniak

Beth & Lisa Bashert § Kira Berman § Sarah Devaney

Lisa Mills Walters § Fred Davis § Nathalie Edmunds

David Bates § Bill Nickels § Beverly Fish




ANN ARBOR NEWS – Letters to the Editor 7/30/2008

"As an extremely proud citizen of Ypsilanti for the past eleven years, I have watched the city struggle with a number of challenges, many of which are fiscal in nature and have been exacerbated by the lack of revenue sharing from the State and the disappearance of major employers, such as Visteon.  

In the face of these challenges, however, we have been extremely fortunate to have strong leadership in city government, with Council Members like John Gawlas who have worked relentlessly to keep a balanced budget while maintaining core services that the city’s residents care deeply about, including fire, police, and recycling.

Councilman Gawlas has also been out in front on a proposal for a storm water utility to recover costs associated with protecting our local watershed (which will ideally include a fee for our largest resident: EMU).  And, John has been a strong advocate for reducing barriers to private investment in the long-awaited Water Street project, a project the entire City will benefit from when it comes to fruition.

Don’t stay home on August 5th! John Gawlas is much appreciated on City Council. Let’s make sure we keep him there!


Lisa Wozniak"





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