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The difference between the number of miles driven annually by American households located in close proximity to public transportation, compared with miles driven by households with no access to public transit.

(The Daily Digit,






WHEREAS the City of Ypsilanti has a Purchase of Service Agreement (POSA) with the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) that provides four major bus routes through the city, and


WHEREAS, public transportation is an important component of economic development, providing an affordable means for employees to get to work and for employers as a way of increasing labor market access, and


WHEREAS, public transportation helps mitigate air pollution by decreasing reliance on single passenger commuter vehicles, thereby reducing congestion and encouraging greater pedestrian activity in our urban centers, and


WHEREAS, public transportation is critical for many of our citizens, including an aging population that requires affordable, reliable transportation options, and


WHEREAS, the A-Ride Program, which is an important service element of the Purchase of Service Agreement comprising shared-ride, door-to-door transportation for City residents who are prevented from using AATA fixed-route bus service due to a disability, and


WHEREAS, this scope of AATA services are utilized by Ypsilanti residents, a high percentage of whom have few alternatives to public transportation, and


WHEREAS, the City Council has previously given direction to the City Manager to continue funding of the Purchase of Service Agreement with AATA at the current year budget figure of $144,515 and


WHEREAS, the AATA has previously subsidized one half of the fixed route expenses outlined in the Purchase of Service Agreement over the last two years when City Council reduced its general fund contribution due to budget constraints, and


WHEREAS, without adequate funding to meet the obligation for the current level of service, service reductions could result that negatively impact our citizens financially in addition to reducing the quality of life in our community,


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the current scope of AATA service within the City of Ypsilanti be defined as the minimum acceptable level, and also


BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Ypsilanti commits to safeguard this minimum service level and City Council hereby directs the City Manager to identify potential additional funding options including, but not limited to, further contribution from the general fund for the fiscal year ending 2009, and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that City Council, both collectively and individually, undertake the task of advancing public understanding of the tentative nature of public transportation as it exists and call for a coalition of municipalities, institutions and private businesses to advocate a regional transportation model that better serves the needs of the County of Washtenaw.


Resolution passed 5-1 by Ypsilanti City Council, 08 May 2008



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